15 interior decorating ideas tagged blue paint color palettes

Emerald and Sapphire Paint Color Palette

Emerald and Sapphire Paint Color Palette. The blue and green color scheme in this hallway harmonize like the grass and the sky and white decorative accents allow the eye to stop and rest. Paint Colors Used: Clark + Kensington Marina City Valspar Optimus Always

Plum and Cobalt Paint Color Palette

Plum and Cobalt Paint Color Palette. When two shades sit next to each other on the spectrum, they naturally go together very well. Plum and cobalt (purple and blue) crates a balance of warm and cool tones. Paint Colors Used: Pantone Blue Grotto Pratt

Blue Paint Color Scheme 2017

Blue Paint Color Scheme 2017. Seeking a patch of blue requires simply looking up. In Russian there is no single word but two to describe the primary hue. Blue has historically been sought after in the visual and decorative arts in the form of