23 Rustic interior decorating ideas

Antique Copper Bathtub

Antique bathroom with large windows and exposed rafters on a slanted ceiling. Loving the rustic paint in neutral tones and stone walls and floor. The Persian rug in sandy colors blends in beautifully with the stone floors. The centerpiece of this bathroom is the

French Country Rustic Dining

"What is beauty? Objects that have soul" ...well this french country styled interior is certainly that! On the walls hand a series of framed antique dry pressed flowers purchased at a Parisian flea market. A rustic long and narrow wooden table with french country

Apple Green Chairs, Antler Chandelier and Antiques

Dining room with rustic wood elements and pops of green. Giant antler chandelier, an antique round table stripped down to the raw wood for a more worn and weathered look. Beech wishbone chairs lacquered in apple green create a great juxtaposition with the table.

Green and Red Rustic Kitchen

Part yellow, part blue—or part warm and part cool—green is said by some to evoke Mother Earth and by others, the color of money. These three represent fresh takes; think of them as less stately than dark forest green and more formal than bright

Rustic Office

Rustic home office with long blackboard mounted on the wall, concrete slabs on the floor and long wooden antique worktable as a desk. House Beautiful October 2014

Modern Natural in Sonoma

A barn inspired home designed by Rela Gleason following the brief of "historic wineries, ice houses and barns...into something more contemporary." Gleason delivers the brief and more creating a space that also reflects the earthy tones and rugged materials of the surrounding Sonoma landscape!

A Dramatic Division

Dividers define sections, function as great accent pieces and cover things that you wouldn't want to show your guests. Loving this handsome horse print divider enhancing the mood in this rustic kitchen.