195 Contemporary interior decorating ideas

Modern Ochre Yellow Interior Design

Modern Ochre Yellow Interior Design. Welcome to this light-filled postmodern apartment located in Poznan, Poland. Designed by the talented Polish interior designers Zuza and Piotr Paradowski from Paradowski Studio, this apartment offers a modern and inviting space suitable for a young family. With their

Green Tiled Hearth Oven

Green Tiled Hearth Oven. Every project brings in new opportunities to learn and we thrive on that. This Hearth oven, which looks so easy after it’s done, took a lot of learning between us, the GC and the homeowners, to make sure we built,

Inky Blue and Plum Scandi Style Kitchen Design

Inky Blue and Plum Scandi Style Kitchen Design by A N E W D A Y. Kitchen by @holte.studioPhotography by @_beth_davis  The Dorset Road kitchen, giving Scandi-style restraint with a playful edge. This was a joy to work on, creating something fully bespoke including a gorgeous

Modernist Kitchen Trends in 2023

Modernist Contemporary Contrasts: In 2023, designers are using the juxtaposition of contrasting elements to create visually striking kitchens. This trend combines sleek, glossy surfaces with textured materials, such as rough-hewn stone or distressed wood. The interplay of light and dark tones, as well as