376 Living Room interior decorating ideas

Bold Red Paint Color For Walls

Bold red is a courageous and attention-grabbing color, which can make a strong statement in any space. That is why, as a designer I use bold red paint to help create a powerful and energetic atmosphere. Why Choose Red Paint? As I step into

Blush on Blush Tones Interior

Blush on Blush Tones Interior. I absolutely adore a living room adorned in layers of soft pink and blush tones. It creates an ambiance that is both soothing and captivating, making me feel like I’m enveloped by a gentle, comforting hug every time I

Beautiful Living Room in Soft Pink

Beautiful Living Room in Soft Pink. Interior by Cameron Ruppert Interiors. Photo by @stacyzaringoldberg. luxurious living room with pastel pink paint on the walls and mantle. Accents in green, primarily seen in the velvet sofa and gold trim in the picture frames and wall

Sherwin Williams Jasper Stone Paint Color

Sherwin Williams Jasper Stone offers a light blue green, watery paint color that is serene and tranquil and great for those who like neutrals but want to add a bit of color. Living Room in Sherwin Williams Jasper Stone Blue Watery blue painted walls