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77 White interior decorating ideas

White Interior Design Ideas

Here are some tips for decorating with white and creating an interesting all-white interior:

How to Style a White Interior:

  • Layer different white tones and textures like a white sofa with creamy white curtains and bright white trim to add visual interest.
  • Incorporate other neutral colors like beige, gray and wood tones for warmth and depth.
  • Add pops of color with accent decor like throw pillows, blankets, art and fresh flowers. Blue, green and pastel colors work well.
  • Play with light and shadow by using white linens, billowy curtains, pendant lighting and candles to add dimension.
  • Incorporate natural materials like wood, rattan, stone and marble to ground the space.

Are All-White Interiors Still in Style?

  • Yes, all-white color palettes remain popular for their crisp, bright and opens feel. White makes small spaces appear larger too.
  • Sticking to all neutrals with white as the main color creates a classy and elegant aesthetic.
  • All-white color schemes offer a blank canvas to layer in other colors and materials as accent pieces.

How to Make White Walls Interesting:

  • Hang a gallery wall with black and white artwork or edged in black frames for contrast.
  • Use white-washed or distressed woods for shelving and furniture to add texture.
  • Add architectural interest with shiplap walls, exposed brick, beams and molding.
  • Install floor-to-ceiling curtains, billowy sheers or a statement light fixture.

How to Decorate an All-White Room:

  • Incorporate natural greenery and floral arrangements as organic pops of color.
  • Use plenty of textures like fur throws, linen bedding and nubby rugs for visual interest.
  • Paint or stain the trim and moldings in a contrasting black or dark charcoal.
  • Layer in artwork, ceramics and accessories in the accent colors of your choice.

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