123 Red interior decorating ideas

Red Interior Color Schemes for 2023

Red Interior Color Schemes for 2023. Red is a strong and vibrant colour to choose for an interior, it created a statement, it is loud and radical. Red creates contrast and demands the viewers attention. Red is a designers valuable tool to create dynamic

Benjamin Moore Cochineal Red

Benjamin Moore Cochineal Red. Benjamin Moore color of the year for 2023. Grown-up and glamorous, this aristocratic shade of deep red was created with red pigments available in the 18th century. Cochineal Red is the perfect old world red paint color for a living

Sherwin Williams Red Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams Red Paint Colors. Red is symbolic of strength, power and passion, but it’s boldness can often overshadow its versatility. The key to using this hue is focusing on the statement you want to make with it. While the brighter shades of red

Edward Bulmer Paint Sang de Boeuf

Millennia ago bull’s blood would literally have been used to colour distempers and limewashes. The same effect can be achieved with a mixture of red oxide and yellow ochre and my mixture gives a browny red tone that is calm but serious and makes