Green Paint Colors 2020

Green Paint Colors 2020. Lot's of dark, elegant and muted green paint colors on trend right now! A green palette is one of our favs because green is a relaxing & earth loving colour. Green communicates harmony, balance & peace. Introducing it into an

Haymes Paint Colour Palettes: Embrace

Haymes Paint Colour Palettes. Embrace Colour Library Volume 18. "With a set of three unique colour palettes: Calm Mind, Happy Home and Grounded; our Embrace Colour Library features hues that combine the concepts of joy and youthfulness. Wendy Rennie, Haymes Colour and Concept Manager, says that

A Rustic Rural Retreat’s Beautiful Garden

A stunning rustic rural retreat with shabby chic interiors and cottage style gardens. You can put together a rustic, charming looking interior by sourcing second hand and flea market finds. In the garden, rusted metal chairs, old sinks, old metal gates and beheads serve

About Roses: Classification

Roses generally can fall into three categories: Species Roses, Heritage Roses and Modern Roses Species Roses This includes the native roses from all over the world that just flower once a year on large shrubs. All new cultivars are created with the use of

Pink House Landscape Architecture

Pink House Landscape Architecture design from SMI Landscape Architecture. This house may as well be out of a fairytale book! the pink painted exterior gives a warm and welcoming feeling to this cottage style home. A secret door, where could this lead? white door,