93 Purple interior decorating ideas

Benjamin Moore Favorite Lavender Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore Favorite Lavender Paint Colors. “Like the calming, sleep-enhancing scent of lavender flowers, these popular pale and pastel purple paint colors will make it easy to stay in your lavender haze. Tell us which one is your favorite, then head to our website

Benjamin Moore Nosegay

Benjamin Moore Nosegay. A pale pastel purple that is just a step away from white. A hint of lavender takes this almost neutral paint color to a new level! This paint color is fantastic for bedrooms and places where you go to wind down.

Benjamin Moore Purple Easter Egg

Benjamin Moore Purple Easter Egg. Sweet and buoyant, this pastel purple is the embodiment of spring. This delightful hue captures the essence of the spring season, evoking memories of blooming flowers and colorful Easter celebrations. Its delicate pastel nature brings a sense of lightness

Dulux Royal Purple Paint Colours

Dulux Royal Purple Paint Colours. A palette of subtle and deep purple hues can create a sense of a timeless style with a contemporary edge. Colours featured: Dulux Mystique and Dulux Double Bass. Paint Colours: