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17 interior decorating ideas tagged abstract art

Interior decorating ideas that feature a piece of abstract art as a visual component.

What is Abstract Art?

Abstract art is a form of art that does not attempt to create an accurate representation of it’s subject, but achieves it’s desired effect through the use of color, shapes and forms.

Abstract Art in Interior Design

Primarily, interior decorators can use abstract art for emphasizing certain color schemes and decor themes in any space. Secondly, decorators can change the style and mood of an interior by using abstract art to lighten a Traditional interior or to deepen a Modern or Transitional interior and everything in-between.

Furthermore, amazing, well chosen pieces of abstract art can be used to set a mood or tone, to help establish a palette, to create a fresh perspective and to set a focal point in the room.

Different Types of Abstract Art Styles for Your Home

Gain immediate attention a a talking focal point to any neutral of dull interior by adding a vivid and bold piece of abstract art with vibrant brush strokes.

Alternatively, smooth well blended brush strokes in similar color tones can provide a calm and tranquil transition to any room.

See below for great examples of how to use abstract art in many different types of interiors.