3 interior decorating ideas tagged blue bedding

Pastel blue and Yellow Guest Bedroom Coastal Style

A bedroom with ocean views mimics the colors you see outside. Soft seashell bedding in blue and white plays against soft yellow walls that echo the sunshine. Open the windows and fall asleep to the ocean breezes. It just doesn’t get any better than

Painted Wood Walls Bedroom

Get both the pattern of wood and the uniform color of paint with painted wood walls.   Wood panelled walls in the bedroom painted in a color of a similar shade to the bedding. Southern styled bedroom, wooden headboard. Image from

Martha MacCallum’s Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom "All it needed was paint," news anchor Martha MacCallum says of the home. "A lot of beach houses are really neutral, but I like when the colors of nature—yellows, greens, blues—explode inside." In this photo: Custom linen drapes frame waterfront views in