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“It is a calming and versatile color and mixes with black lacquer wonderfully,” says Branca, who describes the hue (shown) as “a Venetian blue gray.”

Farrow & Ball Skylight 205 paint color

Skylight, like Borrowed Light is named after the traditional glazed area in ceilings often used to maximize natural light. However, it is less light reflective than Borrowed Light, reading as a definite cool blue when used in small spaces but becoming paler and greyer when used in larger areas. White & Light Tones Undercoat.

Farrow & Ball Skylight 205 in the Bathroom

Stunning glamorous and romantic Traditional bathroom in cool tones painted in Farrow & Ball Skylight 205. A golden chandelier hangs above the silver painted tub, perfect symmetry is achieved with monogrammed towels and pictures hung on either side on the vertical window.