4 interior decorating ideas tagged green entrances and foyers

Green Paint Colors 2020

Green Paint Colors 2020. Lot’s of dark, elegant and muted green paint colors on trend right now! A green palette is one of our favs because green is a relaxing & earth loving colour. Green communicates harmony, balance & peace. Introducing it into an

Breakfast Room Green – Key Green Paint 2015

Breakfast Room Green – Key Colours for 2015. Breakfast Room Green feels lively at any time of day. Taken straight from nature it makes us feel safe and calm in our home environment. Its slightly botanical feel creates a fresh room when paired with

Green Entrance Hall

Designer Ashley Wittaker notes that the hand-painted green floral walls in the entrance hall inspired many of the colors elsewhere int he apartment. As well as green it contains hues from teal to red and yellow. The staircase is an original feature in the

Steven Gambrel Green

Green walls gives great presence to this staircase! [amazon_link id=”1419700685″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ] Image from [amazon_link id=”1419700685″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Steven Gambrel: Time and PlaceĀ – By Steve Gambrel, photography by Eric Piasecki.