10 interior decorating ideas tagged red living rooms

Black Fireplace Red Lacquered Walls

Old and new come together in an exciting manner in this sitting room; high ceilings, red lacquered walls with black trimming in the fireplace, window frames and edges, griege armchairs, zebra rug and crystal chandelier - Traditional style mixed with glamour and a few

Luxurious Red Fabrics Living Space

Lush, red living space! Luxurious fabrics, silk drapery, velvet club chairs, antiques and a dramatic colored crystal chandelier give this couple's formal living room the warmth it exudes. Luxurious silk drapery, velvet club chairs and antiques give this couple's formal living room the warmth

Red Library by Scott Snyde

Classic style red library by Scott Snyder Inc. Boston, MA apartment project. Red painted walls for the home library, living area with fireplace painted in white.