7 interior decorating ideas tagged teal or turquoise foyers and entrances

Foyers and entrances that feature turquoise to teal colors as the main decorating hue.

Traditional Foyer Staircase in Turquoise

Curved traditional staircase with pattern blue carpet, the turquoise blue theme is continues with the turquoise print table cloth in the small round table and the vintage French painted chair. Botanical illustrations adorn the staircase walls with walls painted in Sherman Williams Kilim Beige

Turquoise English Eccentric

An eccentric English hallway in turquoise with turquoise drapes and large orante gold gilt framed mirrors and paintings. Brass candelabra and crystal chandelier, beautiful mix of classical and gothic styles. Grade1 listed country estate in Oxfordshire via http://www.airspaces.co.uk/locations/english-eccentric/

Galapagos Turquoise Walls and Ikat Rug

Gorgeous entry way painted in Benjamin Moore Galapagos Turquoise (2057-20 – Mirroring the glistening Pacific Ocean waters, this deep, dark turquoise gets added depth from a dose of black). Love the large vintage brass chandelier from 1st Dib and huge blue ikat rug on