54 Wood interior decorating ideas

Two-toned kitchen cabinets wood and white

When it comes to kitchen design, the combination of two-tone cabinets has emerged as a striking and popular trend, capturing the essence of modern elegance and timeless charm. Among the various two-tone options available, the pairing of wood and white cabinets stands out as

Warm and Comfortable Cabin Retreat

“Thanks to nubby textures, soft finishes, and warm wood walls, this casual, comfortable retreat on the tree-lined shores of Bone Lake, Wisconsin, makes a perfect fit for a family of five.” Mixed materials—soapstone countertops, subway tile, reclaimed beams, Douglas fir cabinets, and rush barstools—

Polytec Colours Woodmatt

Polytec colours Woodmatt: Polytec’s core palette collection has expanded with the addition of WOODMATT, a new range of 12 tactile woodgrain prints, setting a new benchmark for standard laminates and melamines. Combining the best of natural timber with technology advancements, the matt finished subtle

Interior Design Trends – Organic Living

Interior Design Trends – Organic Living “Be true to nature in a quaint universe of soothing grays and soft browns, where handmade elements with raw textures reign supreme.” Magazine: Elle Decor March 2017 Photographer: Tessa Kavanagh Stylist: Alicia Taylor