29 Bohemian interior decorating ideas

The term “Bohemian” is applied to people who live unconventional, usually artistic, lives. Bohemian interior design is reflective of this with colorful, whimsical, carefree spaces that contain no rules and no bare spots, but instead explosions of color clashing objects, figurines, art, nik naks, fabrics and furnishings all coming together in a fun, warm and inviting manner.

To create the laid back bohemain interior design style; self-expression and a willingness to experiment is more important than a knowledge of design.

Boho interiors are never dull – but are able to conjure magic from the mundane! they are lively, eclectic, intensely decorative and exuberant.

Exotic, Fun, Colorful Boho Bedding

Sisbay Bohemian Exotic bedding Beautiful, colorful and exotic bohemian style bedding! The city of Myra,14 colors, use the high cost of difficult reactive dyeing technology and the whole process. Soft,often wash like new,high color fastness, bright color, rich layers,fully guarantee the environmental protection and

Eclectic Boho Bedroom

Colorful eclectic boho styled bedroom. Beautiful stained glass windows and colorful throw pillows. Fotos: Andreas Von Einsiedel From Homes and Antiques June 2014 see House Tour

Floral Eccentric

"Walls are covered floor to ceiling with William Morris 'Blackthorn' while the eames lounger is upholstered in a contemporary floral design. All the windows have painted shutters, making curtains unnecessary." Image from interior design book English Eccentric by Ross Byam Shaw

Eccentric English Dining

Colorful, vibrant, eclectic, eccentric! Sandstone walls, plenty of vintage and retro wares. Image from interior design book English Eccentric by Ross Byam Shaw