3 interior decorating ideas tagged gray curtains

Neutral Bedroom with Airy Metallics

Luxurious linens from Leron in cream, ivory, and gray bring together the trio of hues that harmonize beautifully throughout the rest of this spacious bedroom in the Lake Forest Showhouse. The early-20th-century four-poster features a fretwork headboard and silver-leaf finish for added shine and

Gray Layered and Textured Master Bedroom

A lush and vibrant gray hued visual story with expertly layered textures and styles. The walls are striking features in this master bedroom. The panels behind the bed are covered with hand sewn sisal, while the walls facing it were covered in light weight

Contemporary Living in Gray

The tone in this living area is set down with a quiet background palette of beige and grey, the same shade of gray extends all round from the walls to the trip to the curtains. The pair of crystal chandeliers are from 10 gallery.