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Neutral Bedroom with Airy Metallics

Luxurious linens from Leron in cream, ivory, and gray bring together the trio of hues that harmonize beautifully throughout the rest of this spacious bedroom in the Lake Forest Showhouse. The early-20th-century four-poster features a fretwork headboard and silver-leaf finish for added shine and texture. Wool sateen drapery panels decorated with geometric borders and backed by ivory shades hug the matching bedside tables.

Neutral Bedroom with Airy Metallics

The bedroom’s sitting area faces the bed and glass-topped coffee table. A small work area is centered behind the custom-designed sofa, piped in gray. A slipcovered armchair sits beside the classic fireplace. “We wanted the room to be sophisticated without being too formal,” notes designer Joan Craig of the metallic finishes ranging from the silver-leaf bed to mirrors and glass bedside lamps that enhance the room’s quiet chic. “They accessorize the space like the right piece of jewelry accessorizes a couture outfit.”

Neutral Bedroom with Airy Metallics 1

Photographs: Werner Straube
Design: Joan Craig and Gemma Parker-McKeon

via Traditional Home

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