4 interior decorating ideas tagged Max Kim-Bee

Pink Dramatic Dining

Dramatic dining room in deep pink tones! The ceiling molding pattern was inspired by Karen’s past work in theater and set design. “Only later did I realize why it was so familiar,” she says. “The design is in almost every theater I’ve ever been

Rectangular Gradient Pink Tiles

Gorgeous ultra feminine bathroom with long gradient pink rectangular wall tiles. The shimmery floor-to-ceiling mosaic glass tiles tend to mesmerize kids, especially little girls. “It’s not unusual for them to disappear in there for a while. Kids just seem to really get the joy

Whimsical Tableau Dining

Vintage plates on the walls and antique English chairs, a touch of whimsy is added by painting the walls a fun aqua. Decorator: Beverly Field Photo: Max Kim-Bee via Veranda Image items and description: A collection of 18th-c. plates creates a whimsical tableau. Antique

Sophisticated Eclecticism Living

The neoclassical limestone pavilions of France, with their clean, restrained symmetry, provided the perfect inspiration for decorator Beverly Field’s mid-18th century living room. Loving the color combination of salmon pink, fustian and pink amid crisp white. Decorator: Beverly Field Photo: Max Kim-Bee via Veranda