4 interior decorating ideas tagged Stephen Gambrell

Lower Fifth Townhouse

This townhouse was entirely rebuilt preserving the original 19th century facade. The 1930’s steel casement windows of the top floor was inspiration for the double height family room, but all other details were invented as a reaction to the vast ceiling heights and generous

Old Westbury Home

This large historic house designed by Delano and Aldrich in 1930, needed to be restored and re-imagined for a young family. The spirit of the decoration of the house was derived from the clients shared interest in the mid 20th century furnishings which felt

Barn Project by S.R. Gambrell

The large 20th century dairy barns no longer served a purpose on this large equestrian estate. Our firm re-designed the interiors to provide the family with a large entertaining space- something lacking in the 19th century main house. Love the equestrian theme in neutral

Purple Living by Stephen Gambrell

Amazing sitting space in a gorgeous purple! A mirror above a console in the living room helps with zoning and creating beautiful still life. Country house designer Stephen Gambrell in upstate New York.