17 interior decorating ideas tagged turquoise living room

Interior design in turquoise. Living rooms that feature the color turquoise as the main hue in terms of decorating.

Wattyl Tropic Turquoise Living Room Decor

Wattyl Tropic Turquoise Living Room Decor: “Like a velvet-padded jewellery box, the royal turquoise walls and matching silk drapes of this sitting room act as a lavish lining to an assortment of chic furnishings and accessories with a custom-designed rug in a paintbox of

Antique and Modern with a Turquoise Wall

Antique furnishings turquoise painted wall filled with antique botanical illustrations. Loving the contrast between the antiques and the modern turquoise painted wall. Image from Home Sweet Home: Sumptuous and Bohemian Interiors by Oberto Gili (Author), Susanna Salk (Author)

Happiness by Jaime Pablo Romero

Happiness by Jaime Pablo Romero – The balanced use of materials, colors and light meant that people who visited the space should not remain indifferent. Love the use of the bright turquoise feature wall in an otherwise muted neutral palette.

Turquoise Sitting Room

Eccentric/contemporary turquoise sitting room featuring slipper chairs upholstered in velvet fabric by Lewis & Wood. Love the teal colored sofas by Nicholas Haslam Ltd. Ikat pillows from Istanbul. The black and gold screen is from Singapore. Magazine: Elle Decor October 2014 Photo: Simon Upton