6 Murals interior decorating ideas

Gold Stenciling

Gorgeous gold stenciling by Joseph Shoskovitch for Mary McFadden's NYC apartment. Image from . Photo by Pieter Estersohn

Hollyhock by Paulin Paris

This red painted whimsical faux paneling in  is actually a backdrop for Suzanne Rheinstein's store Hollyhock and was painted by French painter Paulin Paris. Photo by Tim Street-Porter.

Seventeenth Century Frescoes Mural

Seventeenth century frescoes adorn the loggia of the Villa Torrigiani outside Lucca. The high vaulted ceiling with amazing 17th Century mural, the shabby chic mismatched chairs, wine, fruit and lushness all round. This is a place I could easily spend an afternoon sipping wine

Tapestry, red Desk and Glass Lamp

Designer Peter Dunham's own sitting room. The mural is made up of a wonderful antique, religious themed tapestry. Love how the faded colors in the tapestry are drawn out with the modern glass lamp and red painted desk. Image from