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4 White/Grey Neutral Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore

4 White/Grey Neutral Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore.

4 benjamin moore white colors

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC-45
Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee
This is not a cold white, but not a buttery white either. It’s a great off-white, a perfect backdrop for interconnected spaces like the living room, hallway and kitchen. also a great backdrop for accents like tiles in the kitchen or art.

Benjamin Moore French Canvas OC-41
Benjamin Moore French Canvas
A slightly deeper off-white paint color with khaki tones, but still bright, neutral and clean.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl OC-52
Benjamin Moore Gray Owl
Great to use in a dining room, it’s not really very dark but this color makes the room more beautiful and intimate when lit up with candles.

Benjamin Moore Paper White OC-55
Benjamin Moore Paper White
This is an off-white paint with a gray tint that looks good with white porcelain fixtures in a bathroom, keeping small spaces bright and open.

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