6 Red and Green interior decorating ideas

Green and Red Rustic Kitchen

Part yellow, part blue—or part warm and part cool—green is said by some to evoke Mother Earth and by others, the color of money. These three represent fresh takes; think of them as less stately than dark forest green and more formal than bright

Green and Red Bedroom by Summer Thornton Design

Traditional bedroom with green pinstriped walls. Green velvet headboard, floral curtains, coral velvet armchairs, red bedside tables and blue velvet settee on the foot of the bed and a large leopard print rug. Love the pay of patterns, textures and colors! Interior Designer: Summer

Red and Kelly Green Study

Vintage furnishings in a space with contrasting colors red and green. Magazine: The World of Interiors July 2014 Photo: Antony Crolla Image Description: Berger rug in the home of Luca Vitali comes from the High Atlas, whilst the Secession desk is by Josef Hoffmann,

Chartreuse and Velvet

Interesting modern/contemporary living room with black, red and orange rug, black velvet sofas, green, tufted chartreuse ottoman and white walls with timber paneled ceiling. Interior Designer: Yanic Simard from Toronto Interior Design Group