46 interior decorating ideas tagged chandeliers

A chandelier /ˌʃæn.dəlˈɪər/ is a decorative ceiling-mounted light fixture.[1] Chandeliers are often ornate, and normally use lamps. Crystal chandeliers have more or less complex arrays of crystal prisms to illuminate a room with refracted light.

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Interior decorating spaces featuring stunning hanging chandeliers.

Eclectic Kitchen in Green and Blush

Stunning eclectic kitchen that mixes a vintage mood with modern elements and plays with colour blocking in natural greens, creams and blush. We chose to make the large, traditional and rather grand pantry cupboard and the sink run in our Classic English range, these

Dulux Silk Jewel Blue Dining Room Walls

Dulux Silk Jewel Blue Dining Room Walls. A bold colored dining room with a striking blue paint color Dulux Silk Jewel Blue. Loving the use of fabric with colorful boho style prints and the crystal chandelier. Design by Key Piece

Purple Antique Vintage Dining

Antique and vintage dinging room with purple/lavender chairs, gold trimmed and glass dining table and sideboards, silver rug with floral border and dangling crystal chandelier. A mixture of old vintage and glamour.

In Pursuit of Beauty by Timothy Whealon

In Pursuit of Beauty by Timothy Whealon: “An appealing approach to creating elegant, worldly interiors that are rooted in the comforts of home. Interior designer Timothy Whealon is beloved for his accessible style, his seamless blend of classic and modern influences, and his skillful