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Benjamin Moore Maximalist Paint Colors


Benjamin Moore Maximalist Paint Colors.

Bold colors. Layered patterns. Amplified design. Explore the “more is more” ethos of maximalism home décor.

We’ve got a curated selection of vivacious paint colors that synchs with the “go big or go home” maximalist décor trend.

Ready to amplify your interior in line with the high-energy maximalism home décor trend?

The antithesis of minimalism, maximalist interior design is the epitome of “more is more.” From vivacious, bold colors to playful layered patterns, maximalism is rooted in personality. Read on to learn how to energize your interiors with our custom palette of maximalist paint colors.

Benjamin Moore

The Benjamin Moore Maximalist Color Palette

The Benjamin Moore Maximalist Color Palette

Benjamin Moore Coral Gables

A tropical-flavored orange-pink that evokes a sublime sunset over the beach. See more of this rich coral salmon paint hue: Coral Gables

Benjamin Moore Coral Gables

Benjamin Moore Cochineal Red

Grown-up and glamorous, this aristocratic shade of deep red was created with red pigments available in the 18th century. See more about this rich and luxe red paint color: Cochineal Red

Benjamin Moore Cochineal Red paint color

Benjamin Moore Midsummer Night

Mahogany tones bring out the mysterious, romantic side of this black hue. See more real life room examples of this warm black paint color: Benjamin Moore Midsummer Night.

Benjamin Moore Midsummer Night

Benjamin Moore Naples Blue

A beguiling teal that has both classic charm and a contemporary sense of style. See more real life room examples of this gorgeous teal paint color: Benjamin Moore Naples Blue.

Benjamin Moore Naples Blue paint color

Benjamin Moore Spring Dust

A touch of green grounds this golden hue. See more of this yellow paint color: Benjamin Moore Spring Dust.


Benjamin Moore Linen White

Fresh and delicately shaded with a touch of cream, this timeless white is a go-to for creating warm, relaxed spaces. Linen White.

Benjamin Moore Linen White Paint color

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