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Neutral Color Schemes – Truffle

Neutral Color Schemes – Truffle. “When greys or whites feel cold and cream just isn’t cutting it, consider this milky chocolate shade as your go-to neutral. It’s beautifully warm and soft for any space…” Truffle lends itself to a glamorous or luxe-country look, with

Freshen Up Your Kitchen and Bath with Green

Freshen Up Your Kitchen and Bath with Green. Green is a color that is connected to nature and well-being. This restoring color can reset your system. Green kitchen cabinets, kitchen with a green color scheme. Greens are great for bathrooms as they restore and

Interior Design Trends – Delft

Interior Design Trends – Delft. it’s done of floors, walls, kitchens and bathrooms. Delft, the classic blue and white tile can now be found on everything; from textiles, wallpaper, lamps, shoes, clothes and more! Original Delftware, tin-glazed pottery, was first made in the16th century.

Paint Colors for Large Spaces Paint Palette

Paint Colors for Large Spaces! “Go big or go home – or both! – with colors that take on the challenges of jumbo-size spaces.” Paint Colors: Fine Paints of Europe – NCS S 2020-R90B Donald Kaufman Color – Beach Grass Gray Benjamin Moore –