Luxury Home in Lake Como Italy

This house tour offers up a luxury home in Laglio, Como Italy. A 7 bedroom home with manicured gardens on the edge of a stunning lake, old world rustic charm, blissful summer days.

Formal manicured gardens in a house by the lake.

Formal manicured gardens in a house by the lake

From atop of these stairs take a look down a the beautiful gardens and lake, I can imagine sitting together with the family around that outdoor setting enjoying a long lunch.

staircase leading to a garden and a lake

Walk down this magnificent staircase where a fresh swim by the pool awaits you with the view of lush green gardens and a tranquil picturesq lake.

staircase by the pool

Dappled sunlight reaches this perfect Italian garden.

italian garden design ideas

An ideal private formal Italian garden with views of the lake and the mountains.

Italian formal garden design

Who could say no to a stroll through this garden on a warm summer morning?

Italian garden hedges

All the makings of a Mediterranean dream, columns, arches, greenery, sprawling vines, well placed hedges. Perfect formal garden suited to a Mediterranean style.

Arches, columns and hedges garden design

I would spend my afternoons contemplating reality from this terrace.

terrace garden design ideas

White walls and gold trim reflect and bounce around the abundance of natural light the comes in from the floor to ceiling windows.

italian design interior

This sitting room features stunning Italian baroque furniture, an ornate fireplace, white and neutral walls that are embellished with gold trim.

italian baroque furniture

A large living room with ornate baroque furniture, large sofas and Persian rugs.

italian baroque living room

A landing to the grand multistory staircase.

Italian baroque design

The classical beauty of this grand spiraling staircase.

Spiral staircase inspiration

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