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Paint Palette – Luscious Mango

Paint Palette – Luscious Mango

Boosts of orange shades to brighten up your spaces.

Paint Palette - Luscious Mango

Paint Colors:

1: Pratt & Lambert – Gingham Peach
This creamy shade has a luminous effect. Use it behind a bed dressed in sky blue and white linens.

2: Sherwin Williams – Stirring Orange
Wake up an entry with this juicy hue. Use high-gloss paint on your front door for a cheery welcome.
Sherwin Williams Stirring Orange

3: Glidden – Orange Sherbet
This mellow mango is gracious with other yellows, making it the perfect suitor for a beige-carpeted family room or maple kitchen cabinets.

4: Devine Color – Lil’ Melon
This rich shade belongs in a space where you entertain, such as the living room or patio. Accent it with palm-frond green and shiny metals like brass or antique gold.

5: Pittsburg Paints – Coral Serenade
This flattering pinkish tone is a natural fit for bedrooms and baths where you want to look your best.

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