4 interior decorating ideas tagged painted ceiling

Kitchen with Painted Ceiling

Kitchen with painted ceiling aka “Statement Ceilings”. When it comes to painted ceilings, the most ideal colors are either a green which emulates nature or blue with gives the feeling of being under an expanse of sky. Painted ceilings can make the room look

Sherwin Williams Jasper Stone Paint Color

Sherwin Williams Jasper Stone offers a light blue green, watery paint color that is serene and tranquil and great for those who like neutrals but want to add a bit of color. Living Room in Sherwin Williams Jasper Stone Blue Watery blue painted walls

Clare Paint Current Mood

Clare Paint Current Mood, a drama filled opaque green painted living room, used here for a bit of a saturated moments with the walls, ceiling and doors painted in this moody green. Embrace the dark side. This is the awkward center room of this

Top Paint Colors for Ceilings from Benjamin Moore

Top Paint Colors for Ceilings from Benjamin Moore. Collect more Interior Design Ideas: Come follow me on Pinterest/interiorscolor Twin bedroom in white and hot pink, love the hot pink painted ceiling. Ceiling: Benjamin Moore Raspberry Mousse 2076-40 Walls: Benjamin Moore Grant Beige HC- 83