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Amazing Sustainable Home in Melbourne

Amazing Sustainable Home in Melbourne.

Clients provided a brief of a home constructed to exacting standards which would make both a statement within the township of Marysville and reflect a link to the town’s uniqueness within its geographical setting. The house had a dual purpose of being a retreat for the clients from their busy schedule of Melbourne life and to facilitate a bed & breakfast scenario for guests. These components were to be integrated into the sloping block and an external cladding of spotted gum and stone complete with a roof top garden blend the construction to its surroundings in a seamless fashion. It was also noted that the house was to be family friendly with a recreation area including fireman’s pole climbing wall and in-ground trampoline. The multi-purpose room was designed for the use of yoga classes for guests.

The design of the home was meant to maximise the setting and surrounds and to allow for flexibility in use. The home was also designed with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind and the use of re-cycled materials were subtly incorporated. The external timber and stone cladding blends with the surrounds and with the roof top garden in place on the main building and the multi-purpose room, the outlook from the patio deck is one that allows for escape from the town life. Internally the home is modular in design with extensive modern kitchen, laundry and bathrooms fully appointed and the double storey aspect allows privacy upstairs when required. Guests can also take advantage of the cleverly incorporated climbing wall, fireman’s pole and in ground trampoline allowing children to be active whilst the underground storage room allows for items to be hidden from view, maximising space.

Careful attention to sustainability was a key component of the client brief. As such an 8.4 rating was achieved for the energy rating. This included, foam panel to under slabs, double block reinforced concrete walls, extensive wall and ceiling insulation, complete sealing of gaps through the use of rock wood and the thermal qualities of the soil roof top garden. The clients were keen to use recycled materials where possible and the use of recycled ironbark is integral to the design. The sweeping landscaped gardens are also significant in both complexity of working to the slope of the block and linking to the building. The home is innovative in the distinct design and the use of the block to fulfil functionality in use.

Hedger Constructions.
Amazing Sustainable Home in Melbourne
Amazing Sustainable Home in Melbourne
green house design rooftop garden
green house design rooftop garden eco home

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