Behr’s 6 Most Popular Blue Paint Colors

Behr’s 6 Most Popular Blue Paint Colors.

The most popular paint colors from Behr’s blue color family.

Paint Colors

Behr Beachside Drive – A promenade down Beachside Drive leads you through an ocean-inspired mix of sky blue, seafoam green and sand from the shore- it’s the perfect getaway color.

Behr Beachside Drive

Behr Absolute Zero – Proof that neutrals are anything but boring, Absolute Zero is a light blue-gray that illuminates any space.

Behr Absolute Zero

Behr Peaceful Blue – Peaceful Blue is a quiet blue-gray. It crafts a relaxing mood that captures the carefree and hushed beauty of harmonious circumstances.

Behr Peaceful Blue

Behr Charismatic Sky – Charismatic Sky is a light blue that speaks of happiness and utter contentment. It’s lazy summer days on a picnic blanket watching fluffy clouds traverse the heavens.

Behr Charismatic Sky

Behr Adirondack Blue – A stable and reassuring slate blue, Adirondack Blue echoes the calm respite of natural settings and refined sophistication.

Behr Adirondack Blue

Behr English Channel – The color of deep, dark seas English Channel pays homage the expanse of Atlantic Ocean that separates two important lands.

Behr English Channel

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