31 interior decorating ideas tagged Blue Paint Colors

Edward Bulmer Paint Cerulean Blue

Edward Bulmer Paint Cerulean Blue painted walls. "Known in house (and palace) painting in the C17th, this colour only requires blue, black and raw umber pigments. It is a rich colour when used on panelling and would have been expensive to achieve. Originally it

Blue Georgian Tiles Paint Color Scheme

Blue Georgian Tiles Paint Color Scheme: Vintage tiles in various elegant shades of blue and white. Image Source: Henry’s Townhouse Paint Colours to Match Farrow & Ball Pitch Blue: Farrow & Ball Scotch Blue. Farrow & Ball Ultra Marine Blue.

Edward Bulmer Paint Azurite

Edward Bulmer Paint Azurite : This blue is a real pick-me-up, packed with pigment to give strength and depth, but with earthy warmth. It is a homage to the mineral widely used since the Middle Ages to convey great creativity and high status. A

Benjamin Moore Pastels

Benjamin Moore Pastels, a soft, peaceful and romantic color scheme featuring pretty pastels from Benjamin Moore. Benjamin Moore Patel Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore Pink Bliss Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue Benjamin Moore Smoke Benjamin Moore Amulet Benjamin Moore Proposal Benjamin Moore Gray Owl