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Benjamin Moore WILLIAMSBURG Collection 2016

Introducing the WILLIAMSBURG Collection. Where trend meets tradition. Historic American colors derived from classic American design. Based on original pigments developed more than 250 years ago, Colonial WILLIAMSBURG’s curators have re-created this rich, authentic palette. Now Benjamin Moore delivers it in state-of-the-art interior and exterior finishes—from rich velvety flat to the highest-gloss. Timeless colors that are historic, contemporary, versatile, and pleasing as ever.


It’s not the first time a paint company has created a historical Williamsburg paint palette; the colors were updated as scientists over the years discovered that many paints used during Colonial times were actually brighter than originally thought. Using even more advanced research technology, Colonial Williamsburg’s conservators recently reexamined period documents, paint samples, wallpaper and architectural fragments to uncover new evidence of even more intense colorations. These new colors are part of the recently introduced collection. These new colors are more vibrant and more color-saturated than the previous Williamsburg colors.

Amazing rooms painted with this collection:

New_Canaan_bedroom bm tyler gray walls and palace pearl ceiling
















This collection includes 144 Benjamin Moore Paint Colors:

harwood putty, capitol white, parish white, geddy white, williamsbugh stone, market square shell, palace tan, tavern gray, york gray, tyler gray, finiie gray, cole stone, gunsmith gray, pelham gray, randolph stone, carter gray, randolph gray, tavern charcoal, lime white, prentis cream, bracken cream, calcite, cornice tan, bracken biscuit, brush beige, coffeehouse tan, raleigh sorrel, timson sand, brickhouse tan, erverard coffee, revolutionary storm, dixon brown, coffeehouse chocolate, tarpley brown, tucker chocolate, bucktrout brown, randolph bisque, raleigh tan, chowning’s tan, franklin white, raleigh peach, galt peach, custis salmon, lightfoot salmon, wythe rose, carter red, brickyard clay, walnut, st george red, carriage red, palace arms red, reid broen, charlton brown, nicolson red, ludwell white, moir gold, gamboge, engligh ocre, hale orange, tucker orange, claret, china red, cornwallis red, dragons blood, brickyard red, cochineal red, king’s red, greenhow vermillion, travers red, barrett brick, carter plum, powell smokehouse, byrd beige, sweeney yellow, tavern ochre, massicot, coffeehouse ochre, bryan ochre, governor’s gold, damask yellow, damsk gold, chamber yellow, wythe tan, wythe gold, palace ochre, crivener gold, everard gold, gloucester green, burwell green, greenhow moss, green earth, green umber, parrot greem, timson green, palmer green, bassett hall green, burgess green, levingston green, russell green, nicolson green, windsor green, waller green, sea green, palace green, raleigh green, colonial verdigris, buffett green, dunmore green, spotswood teal, geddy verdigris, goodwin green, galt blue, anderson blue, mayo teal, everard blue, weatherburn’s blue, ewing blue, willamsbugh wythe blue, chesapeake blue, bracken blue, palace blue, lafayette blue, randolph blue, finley blue, prussian blue, washington blue, nelson blue, pearl, apollo blue, palace pearl, greenhow blue, chiswell blue, powell gray, azurite, brush blue, mopboard black, ambler slate, bracken slate, lampblack, slate, tucker gray, bruton white, bone black, geddy gray

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