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Built-In Bookcase Ideas

Built-In Bookcase Ideas for the modern and traditional home.

Fitted Bookcases

Fitted bookcases work great in alcoves. Alcoves are a perfect place to fit shelving and additional cabinets. A fireplace offers a perfect opportunity for extra shelving creating a cosy and symmetrical look and an instant home library.

Alcove cabinets with floating shelves in Victorian property
Alcove cabinets with floating shelves in Victorian property via

Here are some more beautiful alcove units featuring floating shelves, shaker cabinets and moldings in Victorian style to sleek modern and minimal lines.

Fitted shelves and cabinets around a fireplace. You can use color to create depth and to highlight certain features.

Stylish mix of modern and traditional. A traditional Victorian fireplace with given a modern edge with floating shelves, walls and shaker cabinet painted in Little Greene Paris Rooftops. Via crouchendcarpentry in the UK.

Alcove unit shelves painted in Little Greene Paris Rooftops

If you don’t know what to do with strange alcoves, nooks and crannies in your home, adding a fitted bookshelf not only gives you a better, flowing look, it adds always needed extra storage.

Over the door Bookshelf

Built-in bookcase around doorway

Solid oak ladder with stainless steel bar and fittings, creating a library around a doorway is a great use of space. Job from Crouch End Carpentry.

Over the door Bookshelf

This bookshelf over a door make great use of much needed space by going over a doorway, oak ladder and steel handrails are great for reaching those things stored higher up.

Sources, Crouch End Carpentry.

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