25 Gardening interior decorating ideas

Gardening tips, information on garden plants and flowers and decor ideas.

Cottage Garden Hydrangeas

Cottage Garden Hydrangeas, creating beauty with romantic colors in white, pink, blues and purples, from pastel to bold colors. The perfect place to sit and drink tea, a cottage garden full of white hydrangeas. This purple-toned plethora of hydrangeas make for the most gorgeous

Secret Garden with a Blue Wall

Secret Garden with a Blue Wall.   A series of garden elements that activate the natural surroundings of this Houston home. Gorgeous landscaping by Curtis & Windham Architects. An informal path flanked by bushes, trees and hedges leads you into this amazing secret walled

Interior Courtyard House Design Ideas

Interior Courtyard House Design Ideas. Inspiration for beautiful internal courtyards for your home. A small, yet simple pocket garden. Glass walls lead to a view of the outside, white pebbles and a white rendered wall. A similar idea, this internal courtyard is flanked by

Flower Color Scheme in Pink and Yellow

I took a picture of this gorgeous pink flower in my garden, it is from an ever flowering light pink double petalled ablution plant (Chinese lantern). I love color and drawing color inspiration from nature. This color scheme of dusty pinks and a darker