22 Gardening interior decorating ideas

Gardening tips, information on garden plants and flowers and decor ideas.

Luxury Home in Lake Como Italy

This house tour offers up a luxury home in Laglio, Como Italy. A 7 bedroom home with manicured gardens on the edge of a stunning lake, old world rustic charm, blissful summer days. Formal manicured gardens in a house by the lake. From atop

Pruning Floribunda Roses

Floribunda roses have many flowers that bloom simultaneously on the same cluster and ar known for their prolific blooming. Begin by cutting out very old shoots, shoots that are diseased or dying and badly placed shoots. Then shorten the remaining shoots to about 45cm

Rambling Roses

Rambling roses tend to only flower in the spring and some may repeat flower in the fall. Keep in mind with these roses that they require plenty of space to show off their full glorious and magical nature. Difference Between a Rambling Rose and

A Rustic Rural Retreat’s Beautiful Garden

A stunning rustic rural retreat with shabby chic interiors and cottage style gardens. You can put together a rustic, charming looking interior by sourcing second hand and flea market finds. In the garden, rusted metal chairs, old sinks, old metal gates and beheads serve