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Maximalist Green Bedroom Ideas

best green paint color palette

Go Bold or Go Home: Maximalist Style in the Green Bedroom

Minimalism and muted palettes have dominated interior design spaces for years. Yet for the bold and expressive, maximalism rules. This unabashedly vibrant and eclectic approach to decorating finds the perfect backdrop in the vibrant green bedroom. Lush green walls and decor set the stage for layers of patterns, textures, colors that celebrate imaginative style.

Maximalist Green Bedroom Ideas

Table of Contents:

What is Maximalist Style?

As an interior decorator, here is an overview of the essence of maximalist design and why green makes the perfect bold backdrop for this eclectic approach:

At its heart, maximalism enthusiastically declares “more is more!” This design style revels in vibrant colors, bold prints, rich textures and lavish layers. It allows you to express yourself through imaginatively curated spaces that showcase your inspirations.

Unlike minimalism’s restrained order, maximalism joyously piles on patterns, artworks, collectibles, textiles and plants. Diverse cultural motifs intermingle in a cosmopolitan vision celebrating your inner magpie. Contrasts create visual intrigue from distressed woods, industrial metals, global antiques.

While at first glance maximalism may seem chaotic, the most effective spaces balance the abundance with thoughtful composition. Digital prints alongside folk art quilts, modernist chairs paired with macrame wall hangings – unexpected combinations create individual settings.

Green is an optimal wall color and decor choice for harmonizing maximalism. Verdant greens connect to nature, feeling both modern and nostalgic. Vibrant shades become a lively backdrop that enhances other nurturing hues like terra cotta, peach or buttercup yellow. Deep green grounds the space – then have fun against that earthy backdrop!

what is maximalist style

Paint a green accent wall in a dynamic print like jungle leaves, abstract painterly textures or Moorish tiles. Use a muted sage green wall to contrast a pile of crimson and sapphire velvet pillows. However applied, green offers a foundational palette celebrating your creative spirit and inspiring everything else in the space.

best green paint color palette

My advice? Start lush and green. Build up treasured collections that fascinate you – mystic star charts, insects preserved in glass frames, vintage brass pots. Curate little worlds within this world using green as your connective canvas. Maximalism revels in imaginative abundance, and no color fuels that better than life-giving green.

Choosing Statement Greens

Green offers so many shades to set the tone of a space – from soothing mint to dramatic emerald. For a rich, opulent take on a green bedroom, look to these regal hues:

  • English Ivy – A woodland-inspired verdant green. Paired with gold accents, it conjures Baroque palaces.
  • Amazon Basin – An intensely vibrant tropical emerald recalling jungle treetops.
  • Northern Ridge – A gray-based hunter green that provides an earthy, organic backdrop.
  • Brunswick – A bold classic forest green that feels both woodsy and sophisticated.
  • Night Watch – A black-based shade bringing drama and moodiness. Goes Gothic with ebony woods.

Beyond just paint, use textiles to introduce green in layers. Velvet upholstery, organic cotton sheets, or Moroccan-inspired patterns layered on pillows and throws create an enveloping green escape.

maximalist green paint color palette

Incorporate natural elements like palms, ferns, ivy. Ceramic vases and glass bottles holding freshly clipped stems allow you to shift green hues seasonally. Introduce contrast and texture with rattan, woven woods, concrete planters or terrariums. Make greenery integral to your maximalist vision rather than just an accessory.

Take cues from periods known for embracing dramatic greens. Victorian-inspired emerald walls feel rich with ornate gold mirrors and vintage botanical prints. The 70s offer retro inspo for mint and lime green paired with bright patterns. For an exotic Marrakech mood, layer jewel-toned Turkish kilims atop bright emerald walls.

Most importantly, allow the green hue to reflect your personality. Lush, verdant walls free you to layer in treasured collections that spark inspiration. Make a bold statement!

maximalist green and gold bedroom style

Beds & Furniture Anchors

While maximalism gives you permission to pile on the pillows, prints and plants, anchor the space with substantial furniture. Deep-hued wood frames, iron or velvet beds provide contrast and keep the room feeling polished. Distressed finishes and ornately carved details bring visual interest while retaining the weighted feel.

Become a Magpie

This is the space to showcase your most inspired collects and cherished keepsakes! Display treasured travel souvenirs amongst stacked vintage books on a dresser. Hang macrame plant holders alongside carved tribal masks over the bed. Mismatched throw pillows in African wax prints and William Morris florals add bohemian lounging nooks.

what is maximalist style for the bedroom

Texture & Pattern in Maximalist Decor

Introduce whimsical details and inviting textures in layers of quilts, ceramics, glass and fresh botanicals. Tropical wallpaper jungles contrast beautifully with folk art quilts, string lights, and an antique dresser to create a transportive sleep space. Unexpected combinations create visual intrigue.

Layering rich textures and bold prints is integral for creating depth and visual intrigue in a green maximalist space. Here are some ways to effectively incorporate enticing textures and patterns:

Natural Textures

  • Woven rattan and seagrass add organic texture and warmth paired with green walls. Use for lamps, headboards, chests.
  • Display collected sculptural objects like geodes, fossils, dried botanical specimens.
  • Incorporate wood elements with visible grain like driftwood, reclaimed barn board on an accent wall.
  • Replace an area rug with a sisal or jute rug for natural fiber underfoot.
Natural Texture & Pattern in Maximalist Decor

Globally-Inspired Patterns

  • Turkish kilims layered atop beds make vibrant bohemian statements.
  • West African mudcloth pillows offer graphic impact against emerald velvet.
  • Palestinian embroidery and Suzani textiles provide folk motifs.
  • Ikat weaving and vibrant saris introduce ornate patterning.
what is maximalist style for the bedroom cultural elements

Modern Graphic Prints

  • Black and white buffalo check makes a crisp contrast paired with a deep hunter green wall.
  • Abstract painterly patterns or digitally printed photography platforms local artists.
  • Super-scale palm frond murals create a tropical oasis effect.
  • Geometric triangles or moroccan tiles offer contemporary contrast on cushions.

The more you mix textures and patterns, the more visually compelling the space. Provide moments of respite with organic wood headboards, ceramic lamps, and cozy linen bedding. Then delight the eye everywhere else with an exuberant patchwork of global prints, natural materials, and graphic statements.

Ground With Contrasting Colors

While “more is more” remains the mantra, temper the vibrant green with inky black iron accents, bronze lamps or a graphic black and white rug. Metallic touches like brass plant pots or copper leaf on artwork add shimmer against organic green hues. These moody contrasts enhance the verdant vibrancy.

maximalist green decor

Green Paint Colors

A selection of green paint colors that fit perfectly with the green maximalist style.

  1. Benjamin Moore:
    • “Tarrytown Green” (HC-134)
    • “Kennebunkport Green” (HC-123)
    • “Hunter Green” (2041-10)
  2. Sherwin-Williams:
    • “Billiard Green” (SW 0016)
    • “Hunt Club” (SW 6468)
    • “Garden Grove” (SW 6445)
  3. Behr:
    • “Royal Orchard” (PPU11-01)
    • “Medieval Forest” (460F-6)
    • “Island Palm” (460F-5)

Benjamin Moore Tarrytown Green

deep pine green with a slightly cool cast.

Benjamin Moore Tarrytown Green

Benjamin Moore Kennebunkport Green

A versatile medium green with a cool gray cast.

Benjamin Moore Kennebunkport Green

Benjamin Moore Hunter Green

A timeless dark green full of depth and elegance.

Sherwin Williams Billiard Green

A dark muted green paint color.

Sherwin Williams Billiard Green

Sherwin Williams Hunt Club

This rich dark green with its tinge of blue will have you lost happily in the deepest woods. Turn any space into a tranquil escape.

Sherwin Williams Hunt Club

Sherwin Williams Garden Grove

A rich medium to dark green paint color.

Sherwin Williams Garden Grove

Behr Royal Orchard

Fragrant and bountiful, Royal Orchard is a velvety, deep green, a reminder of nature’s abundance.

Behr Royal Orchard

Behr Medieval Forest

This lush, versatile sheen creates a pearl-like appearance that’s ideal for the walls but also for trim, doors, cabinets and indoor furniture.

Behr Medieval Forest

Behr Island Palm

A muted and sophisticated medium green.

Behr Island Palm

Green sets the stage for crafting a maximalist sleep sanctuary that wholly embraces your creative spirit. Lush walls and decor provide the connective backdrop to tie together treasured collections of patterns, textures, styles and colors. Unleash your inner magpie by surrounding yourself with the pieces that spark joy.

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