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Modern Kitchen Renovation in Newburyport Blue

Modern Kitchen Renovation in Newburyport Blue by Benjamin Moore Painted Cabinetry and walls in Benjamin Moore Cloud White. These two paint colors combine perfectly together in this kitchen, let’s have a look why.

Choosing “Newburyport Blue” by Benjamin Moore for cabinetry and pairing it with “Cloud White” walls in a kitchen just hits the mark for creating a space that feels both timeless and fresh. Here’s why this duo works wonders:

It’s All About the Contrast

  • A Pop of Personality: “Newburyport Blue” is this gorgeous, deep blue that has a touch of gray, giving off an aura of sophistication and calm. When you splash it onto the cabinetry, it immediately draws the eye, making the cabinets the star of your kitchen. Then there’s “Cloud White,” a soft, warm white that lights up the walls. It’s like the perfect supporting actor, making the blue stand out even more. This contrast not only catches your eye but also brings a beautiful balance to the space.
  • Light and Airy Vibes: The magic of “Cloud White” is in how it reflects light, making any kitchen feel more open and welcoming. It’s the perfect counterpoint to the boldness of “Newburyport Blue,” ensuring the space feels bright and never too crowded, even in smaller kitchens.

Elegance That Lasts

  • Evergreen Charm: What’s fantastic about these colors is their timeless appeal. “Newburyport Blue” has that classic elegance reminiscent of old-world charm, while “Cloud White” keeps things crisp and modern. It’s a kitchen that won’t look out of place as trends evolve.
  • Flexibility in Design: This color combo is like a chameleon; it just works with everything. Whether you’ve got the warmth of hardwood floors, the cool sophistication of marble countertops, or the sleek shine of stainless steel appliances, these colors bring out the best in your kitchen’s features. “Cloud White” acts as a neutral canvas, letting other elements pop, while “Newburyport Blue” ties everything together beautifully.
Vintage school house-style pendant lights contribute to the kitchen’s bistro feel

Sets the Right Mood

  • Serenity Now: There’s something about blue that just soothes the soul, and “Newburyport Blue” is no exception. It brings a sense of calm to the heart of your home, making it a perfect retreat. “Cloud White” complements this by adding a layer of tranquility and freshness, creating a space where you can genuinely relax.
  • Warm Welcomes: Together, these colors make the kitchen feel inviting. It’s a place where family and friends will want to gather, bridging the gap between elegant design and the warmth of home. This combination makes your kitchen not just a place to cook, but a space to live and create memories.

In essence, pairing “Newburyport Blue” with “Cloud White” is like choosing a classic novel off the shelf; it’s a choice that stands the test of time, offering depth, character, and a backdrop for life’s everyday moments. It’s a testament to how color can transform not just a space but the way we feel within it.

The mosaic marble backsplash, made of Thassos and Carrara marbles, creates a luxurious setting and adds interest with its timeless chevron pattern. It matches the sleek quartz countertops and
seamless white sink.

The contrasting colour scheme of indigo blue and warm whites, with hits of yellow and brass, helps establish an airy and inviting aesthetic.

blue and white kitchen chevron splashback

The brass cabinetry hardware echoes other elements, such as the vintage pendant lights and the
detailing on the walnut stools, which all lend a trendy yet timeless appeal.

The floating shelves enhance the kitchen’s airiness and tie in with the other wooden elements in the room, adding an industrial note. Paint color Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue.

Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue kitchen cabinets


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