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Kitchen Paint Trends for 2024


Vibrant Paint Trends for Kitchens in 2024

The heart of the home is getting a colorful makeover in the Kitchen Paint Trends for 2024. Kitchens have become far more than just a place to store and prepare food – they are now the hub of entertainment, family connection, and even work. As such, homeowners are infusing serious personality into these spaces through vibrant paint colors on walls, cabinets, islands, and beyond.

Table of Contents:

  1. Liven Up Your Kitchen
  2. The Kitchen: The Heart of the Home
  3. A Fresh Coat of Paint Goes a Long Way
  4. 2024’s Top Kitchen Paint Colors
  5. Kitchen Paint Trends for 2024

Liven Up Your Kitchen

While serene earthy greens bring zen-inducing natural elements indoors, bold deep sea blues make a dramatic style statement. For those craving coziness, rich “hot chocolate” browns instantly evoke a welcoming old world cafe vibe. And balanced warm grays strike the perfect chord between neutral and unique.

5 Kitchen Paint Trends for 2024

Beyond just aesthetics, color choice impacts how we experience a space. Energizing jewel tones spark creativity, while soothing hues establish tranquility. The paint trends for 2024 kitchens cover the full gamut. Whether you prefer a peaceful retreat or vivid entertaining space, there’s a shade to suit.

So bid farewell to all-white sterile kitchens, and say hello to serious color and flair. This year is all about infusing our homes’ busiest room with loads of charisma. Your kitchen is an extension of you – let its colorful walls tell your unique story!

The Kitchen: The Heart of the Home

At a party, there’s a reason everyone gathers in the kitchen. Beyond easy access to food and drink, the room has become a hub of activity in our daily lives. Kitchens are the space for everything. From homework at the breakfast table to late-night conversations with friends, it’s a room that exudes comfort, and it’s often where the host is found.

More time spent doing more than just cooking in the kitchen has given it a new level of importance in our homes, and thus an increased desire to redecorate it for function and for mood-boosting qualities.

kitchen trends 2024 family

A Fresh Coat of Paint Goes a Long Way

One of the most low-stakes ways to make a big kitchen change is a fresh coat of paint. This year, designers saw bold hues like berry, pistachio creme, and blue-gray finally catching up to requests for the ever-popular all-white kitchen. Darker kitchen colors were more popular than ever in 2023 and we can expect that trend to continue to rise next year.

kitchen trend 2024 berry colored cabinets

2024’s Top Kitchen Paint Colors

No person is monochromatic by nature—and neither should our kitchens be. Below are 2024’s top kitchen paint colors to help give your space its own identity.

  1. Warm White: While white kitchens remain popular, there’s a shift towards warmer undertones in 2024. Warm whites, such as “Alabaster” by Sherwin-Williams or “Swiss Coffee” by Benjamin Moore, offer a cozy and inviting vibe while still providing a clean and timeless look.
  2. Sage Green: Soft, muted greens like sage have gained popularity for kitchen cabinetry and walls. Shades like “Sage Tint” by Behr or “Misted Fern” by Benjamin Moore bring a sense of tranquility and connection to nature into the kitchen, creating a soothing atmosphere.
  3. Navy Blue: Bold and sophisticated, navy blue adds a touch of drama to kitchen cabinetry and accents. Colors like “Hale Navy” by Benjamin Moore or “Inkwell” by Sherwin-Williams make a statement while remaining versatile and timeless.
  4. Earthy Neutrals: Earth-inspired hues like taupe, beige, and greige continue to be popular choices for kitchen walls and cabinetry. These neutral tones, such as “Agreeable Gray” by Sherwin-Williams or “Repose Gray” by Benjamin Moore, provide a sense of warmth and comfort, creating a welcoming space for cooking and gathering.
  5. Soft Blues: Soft blues evoke a sense of serenity and freshness in the kitchen. Shades like “Pale Powder” by Farrow & Ball or “Quiet Time” by Behr add a subtle pop of color while maintaining a tranquil and airy feel.
  6. Charcoal Gray: Darker gray tones, such as charcoal or graphite, bring depth and sophistication to kitchen design. Colors like “Graphite” by Benjamin Moore or “Peppercorn” by Sherwin-Williams create a modern and elegant look, especially when paired with lighter countertops and accents.
  7. Terracotta: Rich and warm, terracotta tones add a sense of earthiness and character to kitchen spaces. Colors like “Cavern Clay” by Sherwin-Williams or “Terra Cotta Tile” by Behr infuse the kitchen with warmth and personality, reminiscent of Mediterranean-inspired design.
  8. Blush Pink: Soft pinks are making their way into kitchen color palettes, bringing a touch of femininity and playfulness to the space. Shades like “First Light” by Benjamin Moore or “Romance” by Sherwin-Williams add a subtle blush hue that complements both modern and traditional kitchen styles.
  9. Black Accents: While not the primary color for walls or cabinetry, black is increasingly used as an accent color in kitchen design. Black hardware, light fixtures, or statement appliances add contrast and sophistication to light-colored kitchens, creating visual interest and depth.
  10. Two-Tone Cabinets: Mixing paint colors on kitchen cabinetry is a growing trend in 2024. Combining contrasting hues like white and navy, or light and dark neutrals, adds visual interest and personality to the kitchen while allowing homeowners to express their individual style.

Sophisticated and Balanced: Rich Gray Kitchens

While cool toned grays may be on the outs, rich warm grays are emerging as popular neutral shades for 2024 kitchens. The gray kitchens of this year will have warmer brown, green, and taupe undertones.

Try a Benjamin Moore gray with olive undertones called “Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray” on the perimeter cabinets. This rich hue prevents the kitchen from feeling sterile while adding a touch of elegance. To tap into the depth of rich gray’s potential as an accent, we paired it with a similarly warm white on the island.

Decorating over the next year is going to be all about balance. While creating personality-driven interiors is more important than ever, you’ve got to know your color limits. Rich grays strike that perfect equilibrium – neutral enough to feel sophisticated yet still unique.

The organic nature of rich grays makes them highly versatile for kitchens which is why they continue to feature in Kitchen Paint Trends for 2024. Mix with other natural materials like wood, stone, and metals to allow the graceful hue to shine. Rich grays add a breath of refined, cozy air into the heart of the home.

warm gray kitchen

Warm Up with Hot Chocolate Kitchens

When a kitchen is meant for gathering, it’s got to feel cozy. The kitchen serves as the heart of the home, a space where functionality is key, but it doesn’t have to sacrifice warmth and comfort for practicality. Rather than adopting an industrial or sterile aesthetic, I aim to imbue the kitchen with the cozy atmosphere of a family room. Rich browns help to create a warm and welcoming kitchen.

This wave of chocolate neutrals will usher in warmth and transition from icy and cold! A dark-colored wall makes a kitchen look more elegant.

hot chocolate kitchen trend 2024

Deep “hot chocolate” browns are dominating kitchen designs because they immediately establish a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Dark moody hues make the space feel like an old world cafe. Accent with light counters and warm metallics for a balanced, welcoming kitchen that nourishes the soul along with the body.

Create Grounding in the Kitchen with Earthy Green Paint

Keeping calm in the kitchen is essential for any cook, so when the space does triple duty as a workplace and entertainment room, it’s got to be a place of peace.

Choosing an earthy green is a good way to get grounded, which is why you can’t go wrong with green kitchen interiors. Green, in its myriad shades, proves ideal for the kitchen as it effortlessly fosters a connection with nature. From the lush, vibrant tones reminiscent of the rainforest to the serene, understated hues that bring up the tranquility of coastal landscapes, green brings a refreshing sense of the outdoors into the heart of the home. The calming shade can also easily complement other top-of-mind materials for the 2024 kitchen: wood.

earthy green kitchen interior design for 2024

Earthy green paint colors have a stabilizing energy, bringing the outdoors inside. Studies show surrounding oneself with natural elements lowers stress and anxiety. The color green also represents renewal and growth – perfect for a space like the kitchen that tends to be a gathering place for connection.

Painting your kitchen cabinets or an accent wall in an organic green can help establish tranquility in a sometimes chaotic room. Whether a deeper forest tone or a light, seafoam hue, earthy greens promote harmony and peace. Pair with natural wood finishes and textures for a grounded, spa-like kitchen that nourishes more than just your body but your mind too.

Make a Splash with Deep Sea Blue Kitchens

Blue kitchens in every shade blossomed in the homes of adventurous color lovers last year, and this year, more homeowners will be ready to take the plunge into its deeper tones.

For those whose kitchen has long been a blank white slate, they can wade in by painting the island or cabinets in a naval-inspired hue to give your space a coastal chic vibe. Take it a step further with color-matched kitchen appliances, a trend that will continue to take a bold presence in the kitchen in the year 2024.

kitchen trends 2024 blue

Deep ocean blues are having a major moment in kitchen design because they make a dramatic style statement while still feeling classic and timeless. The cool blue tone is both calming and appetite-stimulating. Accent the rich shade with crisp whites and warm wood finishes for a balance of textures. Going for bold blue cabinets allows you to splash your personality around the heart of the home.

Warm and Inviting: Sand-Colored Kitchens

When designing a kitchen, color choice is critical in setting the tone and mood of the space. An increasingly popular shade for contemporary kitchens is a warm, sand hue. It exudes coziness and serenity.

More neutral than the ubiquitous beige of the 1990s, warm sand is a middle point between Gen Z’s nostalgia for a decade they never lived and the average homeowner’s horror remembering the era’s Tuscan style reign. It’s also an easy step for those less confident about moving away from white. Many of us are drawn to clay tones; however, we also want to make our homes feel as bright and spacious as possible, This can be achieved by choosing a lighter hue for walls than for trim to make a room look vivid and larger.

Warm sand kitchens strike the perfect balance between cozy and airy thanks to their natural, earthy quality making them a go to kitchen paint trends for 2024. The organic tone brings out wood grains beautifully and makes for an inviting, glowing kitchen that nourishes the soul.

kitchen trends 2024 sand beige

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