Noirmoutier’s Blue House

Blue Vendée eighteenth century farm house, something special from 1751 in Noirmoutier island.

Whitewashed façade,with blue door and window frame along with charming terracotta roof tiles.

blue farm house exterior

A living room adorned with antiques and nautical themed items. The coffee table is a 1920's Louis Vuitton trunk. The Louis XV style sofa is dressed in blue and white stripes to match the blue of the canvas recliner. The fireplace is embellished with trophy elk antlers and unearthed vintage paintings for the walls.

blue and white living room

Blue frames and doors are seen throughout the house helping to tie the spaces together.

blue door farmhouse

Loving the bright light blue ceiling in this bedroom, a touch of heaven as you sleep!

sky blue bedroom farmhouse

A small yet simple white washed shower room to rinse off in.


Tranquil marine style dinning room.


A stove installed in the fireplace, a great place to sit back and relax.

fireplace armchair

The use of the blue gray dresser helps soften the room and balance out the brighter blues.


This wonderful blue frame overlooks the picture-sq salt marshes.

blue window frame

Location: Noirmoutier island
Photos: Charly Erwin

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