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Old World Green Interiors

That special green, reminiscent of days gone by, ornate carved wood furniture. Green is a color of energy renewal. It is a great color for bridging the new with the old. To create this old world interior look, choose a green paint color of your choice and create busy walls full of art and paintings with ornate gilt golden frames.

Green walls and gold frames and painted ornate moldings.

Green walls and gold frames and painted ornate moldings

A lavish bedroom with rugs, tapestries and a green and gold color scheme in Dunrobin Castle In Scotland. The gold gilded detail over the green paint creates a feminine and luxe style to this room.

The World of Interiors, December 2011. Photo – Christopher Simon Sykes. Amazing parlor, again we see the combination of gold gilding and green when it comes to creating this old world green interiors style.

Old World Green Interiors kent

Green, gold, damask and chinoiserie. Old world maximalist style at it’s best.

Green, gold and chinoiserie

Red is also another great color to add to the green old world color scheme.

Old World Green and red Interiors

Green walls are a great backdrop to gallery walls, where some people see clutter others see beauty.

Old World Green and red Interiors

Green always works well with wood finishes. From the Mario Praz house-museum, Roma, neoclassical design.

Historic interior in green

Dark green walls neoclassical.

dark green walls neoclassical

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