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Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray Kitchen

Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray

Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray Kitchen. Stunning kitchen with white tiles and white painted cabinets and walls in a lovely light gray color Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray.

A look into Erica @our_forever_farmhouse farmhouse diy kitchen decor!

Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray

Great contrast between the white painted kitchen cabinets and the gray painted walls, this home has a modern shabby chic vibe.

Loving all the white crockery with bakery and food words, such a pretty and welcoming kitchen.

Painting kitchen cabinets in white creates a refreshing new look for your kitchen, breathing new life into kitchen cabinets without having to pull out the cabinets and do an entire remodel. A great way to redo your kitchen on a small budget.

With all the walls painted in Sherwin Williams Intellectual Gray, a smooth transition is created between the kitchen, dining room and living room. The sidetable, chairs, table and fireplace are also painted in white like the kitchen table, a great example of how you can use color to tie everything together.

A lovely idea for a coffee stand at home!

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