12 interior decorating ideas tagged Purple Paint Colors

Farrow & Ball Purple Paint Colours

Farrow & Ball purple paint colours. Farrow & Ball Peignoir A romantic grey pink. Grey-pink Peignoir has a romantic feel inspired by the 19th-century garment of the same name, a chiffon robe worn over underclothes while brushing the hair. Created by giving the softest

Benjamin Moore Best-Selling Purple Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore Best-Selling Purple Paint Colors. Purples range from striking, dramatic aubergines to hazy violets. Pretty purples from pastels to muted dark violet. Paint Colors Benjamin Moore Misty Lilac A soft suggestion of violet that breathes a wistful, romantic feeling into any space. Benjamin

Sherwin Williams Purple Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams Purple Paint Colors: Like green, purple embodies the characteristics of the colors it’s made of. The energy of red and tranquility of blue result in a hue that’s rooted in imagination and poise. With the ability to be both calming and uplifting,

The Paint Makers Company Nymph Amethyst Wainscoting

The Paint Makers Company Nymph Amethyst Wainscoting. Monticello style wainscoting in Rome. No. 99 ‘Nymph Amethyst’ eggshell paint by Homewood Bespoke. Paint Color Used: A fascinating tone, just like the nymph Amethyst. The myth tells that, to escape from Dionysus’ courting, she asked for