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Top Australian Female Interior Designers

Top Australian female interior designers. The role and importance of women in interior design in Australia, as in many parts of the world, have evolved significantly over the years. Women have played and continue to play a crucial role in shaping the design landscape, contributing their unique perspectives, creativity, and expertise to the field.

Sibella Court:

Known for her eclectic and globally inspired designs, Sibella Court is a celebrated interior stylist, author, and creative director. Her work often incorporates a mix of vintage finds and contemporary elements, creating spaces that are rich in character and storytelling. Via.

Top Australian Female Interior Designers - Sibella Court

Fiona Lynch:

Fiona Lynch is acclaimed for her minimalist and contemporary designs. Her projects emphasize clean lines, a neutral color palette, and a focus on quality craftsmanship. Lynch has a keen ability to create spaces that feel both sophisticated and inviting. Via

Top Australian Female Interior Designers - Fiona Lynch

Shaynna Blaze:

Shaynna Blaze is a prominent interior designer, author, and television personality. Known for her role as a judge on shows like “The Block” and “Selling Houses Australia,” Blaze has a talent for transforming spaces with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of design principles. Via.

Top Australian Female Interior Designers - shaynna blaze

Anna Spiro:

Anna Spiro is recognized for her vibrant and eclectic designs. As the owner of Black & Spiro, a renowned design studio and concept store, Spiro’s work often features a mix of patterns, colors, and textures, creating visually engaging and dynamic interiors. Via.

Top Australian Female Interior Designers - Anna Spiro

Mardi Doherty:

Mardi Doherty is the founder of Doherty Design Studio, known for its contemporary and sophisticated approach to interiors. Her designs often feature a harmonious blend of textures and colors, creating spaces that are both elegant and comfortable. Via


Kirsty Ristevski:

Kirsty Ristevski is celebrated for her innovative and personalized approach to interior design. Her work often includes a mix of modern and traditional elements, creating spaces that feel timeless yet distinctly contemporary. Via

Top Australian Female Interior Designers - moody bedroom

Miriam Fanning:

As the founder of Mim Design, Miriam Fanning has made a significant impact on the Australian design scene. Her studio is known for its versatility, with projects ranging from residential homes to hospitality spaces, each showcasing a thoughtful and sophisticated design approach. Via

home library

Simone Haag:

Simone Haag is recognized for her fresh and modern designs. As a former buyer for Hecker Guthrie, Haag has a keen understanding of trends and a talent for creating spaces that feel current and timeless simultaneously. Via

Top Australian Female Interior Designers - Simone Haag

Danielle Brustman:

Danielle Brustman is gaining attention for her bold and imaginative designs. Her work often incorporates a mix of colors, patterns, and textures, creating visually striking and unique interiors. Via

Top Australian Female Interior Designers bedroom

Up and Coming Australian Female Interior Designers

Jessica Bettenay:

Jessica Bettenay is known for her fresh and contemporary designs. Her projects often feature a balance of modern aesthetics with a touch of warmth, creating spaces that feel inviting and stylish. Via

Top Australian Female Interior Designers Jessica Bettenay kitchen

Aimee Tarulli:

Aimee Tarulli is gaining recognition for her modern and sophisticated designs. Her work often reflects a contemporary sensibility with a focus on clean lines and a harmonious color palette. Via

Aimee Tarulli

Emma Templeton:

Emma Templeton is known for her versatile and thoughtful designs. Her work spans residential and commercial projects, showcasing a commitment to creating spaces that meet the unique needs of her clients. The essence of their work is found in its timeless restraint and refinement. Via

Emma Templeton kitchen modern

Claire Larritt-Evans:

Claire Larritt-Evans is making waves with her contemporary and sustainable designs. Her projects often incorporate eco-friendly elements and a commitment to responsible design practices. Via

Top Australian Female Interior Designers Claire Larritt-Evans

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