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Coastal Kitchen Ideas and Trends


Coastal Kitchen Ideas and Trends. Infusing your kitchen with the relaxed elegance and breezy ambiance of coastal living offers a timeless allure that beckons with the essence of seaside retreats. Coastal style kitchens embody this spirit, characterized by their light-filled spaces, natural materials, and soothing color palettes inspired by the sea and sand. Let’s delve into the defining features of coastal kitchens and explore how to seamlessly incorporate this coastal charm into your home.

coastal kitchen ideas and trends

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Capturing the Coastal Charm in Your Kitchen

Light and Airy Atmosphere

A hallmark of coastal kitchens is their light and airy atmosphere, creating a sense of spaciousness and serenity. Expansive windows, glass doors, and strategically placed skylights invite natural light to cascade into the space, casting a warm and inviting glow. Soft hues and reflective surfaces further enhance the luminosity, ensuring that every corner of the kitchen feels bathed in sunlight.

coastal kitchen ideas and trends

Natural Materials

Coastal kitchens celebrate the beauty of natural materials, evoking the rugged allure of coastal landscapes. Weathered wood accents, reclaimed timber finishes, and stone countertops infuse the space with warmth and texture. Rattan, seagrass, and bamboo elements add a touch of organic elegance, grounding the design in nature’s timeless appeal.


Soft Color Palette

Soft, soothing colors reminiscent of the sea and sand define the coastal kitchen palette. Whites, creams, gentle blues, and muted greens create a tranquil backdrop that mirrors the coastal landscape. These understated tones not only amplify the sense of space but also evoke a sense of calm and relaxation, inviting you to linger and savor the moment.

coastal kitchen ideas and trends soft colors

Understated Elegance

Content: Coastal kitchens strike a delicate balance between casual comfort and understated elegance. Classic design elements such as shaker-style cabinets, beadboard paneling, and farmhouse sinks infuse the space with timeless sophistication. These refined touches elevate the laid-back coastal vibe, creating a space that feels effortlessly chic and inviting.

a coastal kitchen idea with haker-style cabinets, beadboard paneling, and farmhouse sink

Nautical Accents

Nautical accents and motifs add a whimsical touch to coastal kitchens, paying homage to the allure of the sea. Rope details, anchor motifs, and seashell embellishments infuse the space with a playful sense of nostalgia. These charming elements evoke memories of coastal adventures and seaside escapes, lending a sense of character and personality to the kitchen.

Coastal kitchen idea with nautical elements

Open Shelving and Display

Open shelving and curated displays offer an opportunity to showcase cherished treasures and decorative accents in the coastal kitchen. Woven baskets, glass jars filled with seashells, and ceramic sea creatures create a captivating tableau that reflects the coastal theme. These curated collections add visual interest and personality to the space, inviting you to embark on a journey of discovery and delight.

Coastal kitchen idea with open shelving

Comfortable Seating

Comfortable seating arrangements invite family and friends to gather and linger in the coastal kitchen. Bar stools upholstered in soft, coastal-inspired fabrics and cozy banquettes create inviting nooks for casual meals and leisurely conversations. These intimate spaces foster a sense of warmth and hospitality, making the kitchen the heart of the home.

blue and white coastal kitchen

With its light-filled spaces, natural materials, soothing color palette, and understated elegance, the coastal style kitchen offers a tranquil retreat that celebrates the timeless allure of coastal living. By incorporating these defining features into your own kitchen design, you can create a space that captures the essence of seaside serenity and coastal charm.

Coastal Kitchen Design Essentials

When it comes to coastal kitchen design, several key elements contribute to achieving the perfect seaside vibe. From color schemes to materials and statement pieces, each aspect plays a crucial role in bringing the essence of coastal living into your kitchen.

Coastal kitchen idea with mint green cabinets

Coastal Kitchen Ideas – Color Palette:

Choosing the right colors is fundamental in creating a coastal kitchen atmosphere. Opt for soft, soothing hues that evoke the serene beauty of the ocean and sandy shores. Whites, soft blues, seafoam greens, and sandy beiges are all popular choices for coastal kitchens. These colors reflect natural light, creating an airy and inviting space that feels fresh and rejuvenating.

Coastal kitchen idea with seafoam green shaker cabinet


Natural materials are a hallmark of coastal design, and they play a significant role in coastal kitchens. Incorporate materials such as weathered wood, natural stone, rattan, and seagrass to bring texture and warmth to your kitchen. These materials add depth and character while complementing the coastal theme.

Coastal kitchen idea in white and wood


Good lighting is essential in any kitchen, but it’s especially important in coastal kitchens where natural light is key. Maximize natural light by incorporating large windows, skylights, or glass doors to flood the space with sunshine. Supplement natural light with layered lighting, including task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting, to create a bright and inviting atmosphere day or night.

coastal kitchen interior with large windows and skylights

Cabinetry and Hardware:

Choose cabinetry and hardware that reflect the relaxed elegance of coastal living. Opt for light-colored cabinets in shades of white, cream, or soft blue to enhance the airy feel of the space. Consider adding beadboard or shaker-style paneling for a touch of coastal charm. For hardware, brushed nickel, brass, or antique bronze finishes complement the coastal aesthetic and add a touch of sophistication.

coastal kitchen interior with white shaker cabin and brass hardware

Statement Pieces:

Statement pieces are the finishing touches that tie the coastal kitchen design together. Consider incorporating elements such as a farmhouse sink, reclaimed wood island, or driftwood-inspired light fixtures to add personality and visual interest to the space. Artwork featuring beach scenes, nautical motifs, or coastal landscapes can also make a striking statement and reinforce the coastal theme.


The right accessories can enhance the coastal vibe in your kitchen. Look for decor items such as woven baskets, glass jars filled with seashells, or coral-inspired accents to bring a touch of the beach indoors. Textiles like striped or patterned rugs, linen curtains, and nautical-themed throw pillows can also add layers of texture and visual interest to the space.

Creating a Coastal Style Kitchen on a Budget

Creating a coastal look for your kitchen on an extremely tight budget requires creativity, resourcefulness, and strategic planning. Here are some budget-friendly tips to help you achieve a coastal-inspired kitchen without breaking the bank:

1. Start with a Fresh Coat of Paint:

Painting your kitchen walls in soft, coastal-inspired hues such as light blue, seafoam green, or sandy beige can instantly transform the space. Opt for affordable paint brands and consider painting your cabinets for an even more dramatic change. Have a look at our Coastal Paint Color Selection.

2. DIY Cabinet Refresh:

Instead of replacing your kitchen cabinets, consider giving them a budget-friendly makeover. Sand them down and repaint them in a fresh coastal color, or remove the doors for open shelving to create an airy feel. You can also replace outdated hardware with inexpensive nautical-themed knobs or pulls for a coastal touch.

3. Upcycle Furniture and Decor:

Look for secondhand furniture pieces and decor items that you can upcycle to fit your coastal theme. Sand and repaint an old dining table or chairs in a beachy white or light blue. Scour thrift stores and flea markets for affordable coastal-inspired decor such as woven baskets, glass jars, and seashell accents.

4. Focus on Textiles:

Introduce coastal vibes into your kitchen through textiles such as curtains, rugs, and linens. Look for affordable curtains in light, airy fabrics like sheer white or light blue. Add a coastal-inspired rug with stripes or seafoam green hues to anchor the space and provide visual interest.

DIY Backsplash:

Instead of investing in expensive tile, consider creating a budget-friendly backsplash using peel-and-stick vinyl tiles or removable wallpaper. Choose patterns that mimic the look of natural materials like subway tile or weathered wood for a coastal-inspired touch.

Accessorize with Natural Elements:

Bring the beach indoors by incorporating natural elements like driftwood, seashells, and beach pebbles into your kitchen decor. Collect shells and beachcombing treasures during your seaside visits, and display them in glass jars or bowls for an inexpensive coastal accent.

Shop Smart for Lighting:

Look for budget-friendly lighting options that evoke the coastal aesthetic, such as rattan pendant lights or industrial-style fixtures with nautical accents. Shop sales, clearance sections, and thrift stores to find affordable lighting options that fit your budget.

Declutter and Simplify:

Embrace the minimalist aspect of coastal design by decluttering your kitchen and simplifying your decor. Remove unnecessary items from countertops and shelves to create a clean and uncluttered look that reflects the airy feel of coastal living.

By implementing these budget-friendly tips and getting creative with your design choices, you can create a coastal-inspired kitchen that exudes the charm and tranquility of seaside living without breaking the bank. Remember to prioritize key elements like paint, textiles, and accessories to achieve the coastal look you desire within your budget constraints.

Questions and Answers

What makes a coastal kitchen? A coastal kitchen typically embodies a light, airy, and relaxed atmosphere inspired by seaside living. Key elements include:

Light and neutral color palettes reminiscent of sand, sea, and sky.

Natural materials such as weathered wood, rattan, and stone for a rustic yet elegant look.

Nautical accents like rope details, boat cleats, and seashell motifs.

Plenty of natural light through large windows or skylights to create a bright and inviting space.

Open shelving or glass-fronted cabinets to display beach-inspired decor and dishware.

Comfortable seating areas for gathering and enjoying casual meals with family and friends.

What are the best coastal colors for kitchen cabinets? The best coastal colors for kitchen cabinets often include soft, soothing hues that evoke the tranquility of the ocean and beach. Some popular choices include:

Soft whites and creams for a clean and classic look that reflects natural light and creates a sense of spaciousness.

Soft blues and seafoam greens for a subtle pop of color that adds depth and serenity to the space.

Sandy beiges and light grays for a warm and inviting feel that complements natural wood accents and coastal decor.

Light wood tones such as driftwood or whitewashed finishes for a rustic yet coastal-inspired look that adds texture and warmth to the kitchen.

What is a Hampton style kitchen? A Hampton style kitchen, also known as Hamptons or coastal chic, draws inspiration from the elegant yet relaxed coastal homes in the Hamptons region of New York. Key features of a Hampton style kitchen include:

Timeless and classic design elements such as shaker-style cabinets, subway tile backsplashes, and marble countertops.

Light and neutral color palettes with a focus on whites, creams, and soft grays to create a bright and airy feel.

Natural materials such as wood, stone, and rattan for a refined yet rustic look that reflects coastal living.

Nautical accents like brass hardware, rope details, and navy blue accents to add a touch of seaside charm.

Large windows, French doors, or glass paneling to maximize natural light and create a seamless connection to the outdoors.

What is a country kitchen design? A country kitchen design is characterized by its cozy and inviting atmosphere, reminiscent of rural farmhouses and cottages. Key features of a country kitchen include:

Warm and earthy color palettes with hues of beige, brown, and cream for a welcoming feel.

Natural materials such as wood, stone, and brick for a rustic and authentic look that celebrates the beauty of nature.

Vintage-inspired details like farmhouse sinks, butcher block countertops, and open shelving for a charming and lived-in aesthetic.

Whimsical accents like floral patterns, gingham fabrics, and antique decor to add personality and character to the space.

Functional and practical layout with ample storage, countertop space, and seating for cooking, dining, and entertaining.

Relationship Between Styles:

Coastal kitchens and Hampton style kitchens share some commonalities, particularly in their emphasis on light and airy spaces, natural materials, and soft color palettes. However, Hampton style kitchens tend to have a more refined and upscale feel compared to the casual, relaxed vibe of coastal kitchens.

Country kitchens may also share some elements with coastal kitchens, such as the use of natural materials and a focus on creating a welcoming atmosphere. However, country kitchens typically have a more rustic and traditional aesthetic compared to the beach-inspired vibe of coastal kitchens.

Here are some recommended books on coastal interior design that specifically focus on kitchens:

  1. “Coastal Living Beach House Style: Designing Spaces That Bring the Beach to You” by The Editors of Coastal Living
    • This book offers a comprehensive guide to coastal design, including kitchens, with beautiful photography and expert advice from the editors of Coastal Living magazine.
  2. “Coastal Modern: Sophisticated Homes Inspired by the Ocean” by Tim Clarke
    • Tim Clarke, a renowned interior designer, showcases stunning coastal homes and kitchens in this book, offering insights into how to achieve a modern coastal aesthetic.
  3. “The New Coastal Kitchen: Decorating Ideas for the Contemporary Home” by Anna Kasabian and Jane Gitlin
    • This book provides inspiration and practical tips for creating a contemporary coastal kitchen, featuring innovative design ideas and stunning photography.
  4. “Coastal Living: Ultimate Beach House Kitchens” by Julia Reed
    • Julia Reed takes readers on a tour of some of the most beautiful beach house kitchens, offering design ideas and inspiration for achieving a coastal look in your own kitchen.
  5. “Beach House Happy: The Joy of Living by the Water” by Antonia van der Meer
    • While not solely focused on kitchens, this book celebrates coastal living and offers insights into creating a happy and relaxed beach house atmosphere, including tips for designing coastal kitchens.
  6. “The Coastal Cottage: A Guide to Living by the Water” by Linda Leigh Paul
    • This book explores the charm and beauty of coastal cottages, including their kitchens, with practical advice and stunning photography to inspire your own coastal design projects.

Paint Colors for Coastal Kitchens

  1. Soft Whites:
    • Benjamin Moore “Simply White” (OC-117): A clean and crisp white with a hint of warmth, perfect for creating a fresh and airy backdrop in coastal kitchens.
    • Sherwin-Williams “Alabaster” (SW 7008): A soft white with subtle undertones of warmth, providing a timeless and versatile choice for coastal-inspired spaces.
    • Behr “Ultra Pure White” (PR-W15): A pure white with a bright and refreshing appearance, ideal for enhancing natural light and creating a sense of openness in coastal kitchens.
  2. Soft Blues:
    • Benjamin Moore “Palladian Blue” (HC-144): A soft and soothing blue-green hue reminiscent of coastal waters, evoking a sense of tranquility and relaxation.
    • Sherwin-Williams “Sea Salt” (SW 6204): A muted green-blue with gray undertones, resembling the serene colors of the sea and sky, perfect for creating a coastal vibe.
    • Behr “Light French Gray” (PPU18-4): A subtle blue-gray with hints of green, offering a sophisticated and calming backdrop for coastal-inspired kitchens.
  3. Seafoam Greens:
    • Benjamin Moore “Pleasant Valley” (696): A soft and delicate green with gray undertones, resembling the gentle hues of seafoam, bringing a refreshing and coastal feel to the kitchen.
    • Sherwin-Williams “Comfort Gray” (SW 6205): A muted green-gray with subtle blue undertones, evoking the tranquil colors of coastal landscapes, ideal for creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.
    • Behr “Quiet Time” (PPU24-12): A subtle green-gray with a touch of warmth, reminiscent of coastal foliage and seaside tranquility, adding a sense of natural beauty to the kitchen.
  4. Sandy Beiges:
    • Benjamin Moore “Sandy Hook Gray” (HC-108): A warm beige with gray undertones, resembling the soft hues of sun-kissed sand, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in coastal kitchens.
    • Sherwin-Williams “Accessible Beige” (SW 7036): A versatile beige with warm undertones, offering a timeless and understated backdrop for coastal-inspired spaces, bringing a sense of comfort and warmth to the kitchen.
    • Behr “Sands of Time” (N320-1): A soft and sandy beige with subtle hints of gray, reminiscent of tranquil coastal shores, infusing the kitchen with a sense of relaxation and serenity.
  5. Soft Grays:
    • Benjamin Moore “Classic Gray” (OC-23): A timeless and elegant gray with warm undertones, providing a sophisticated backdrop for coastal kitchens, enhancing natural light and creating a sense of spaciousness.
    • Sherwin-Williams “Gray Owl” (OC-52): A soft and versatile gray with subtle green undertones, offering a serene and calming backdrop for coastal-inspired spaces, bringing a sense of tranquility and harmony to the kitchen.
    • Behr “Silver Drop” (790C-2): A light and airy gray with cool undertones, resembling the soft hues of coastal fog, creating a serene and ethereal atmosphere in the kitchen, perfect for coastal-inspired design.
  6. Watery Blues:
    • Benjamin Moore “Blue Danube” (2062-30): A rich and vibrant blue with hints of green, resembling the deep hues of coastal waters, bringing a sense of depth and drama to the kitchen, adding a touch of coastal charm.
    • Sherwin-Williams “Watery” (SW 6478): A soft and watery blue with gray undertones, evoking the calming colors of the ocean, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere in coastal-inspired kitchens.
    • Behr “Dayflower” (MQ3-54): A refreshing and vibrant blue with hints of green, reminiscent of bright coastal skies and clear ocean waters, infusing the kitchen with a sense of energy and vitality.
  7. Light Greens:
    • Benjamin Moore “Pale Oak” (OC-20): A soft and subtle green with warm undertones, resembling the delicate hues of coastal foliage, bringing a sense of natural beauty and tranquility to the kitchen.
    • Sherwin-Williams “Soft Fern” (SW 6165): A muted and soothing green with gray undertones, evoking the tranquil colors of coastal landscapes, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere in the kitchen.
    • Behr “Graceful Grasses” (420F-4): A light and airy green with hints of gray, reminiscent of swaying beach grasses and coastal meadows, infusing the kitchen with a sense of freshness and vitality.

These paint colors offer a range of options for creating a coastal-inspired look in your kitchen, evoking the beauty and tranquility of coastal living. Be sure to test swatches in your space to see how they interact with lighting and other elements before making your final decision.

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