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Mylands Walpole and Long Acre Paints

Mylands Walpole and Long Acre paint colors, a serene blue and white color scheme.

Tall ceilings and beautiful wood-panelling lend themselves to creating a soothing living room. Showcasing 🎨 Walpole™ No.42 walls – a serene off white with a hint of blue that is really fresh and welcoming. Combined with mid-tone blue 🎨 Long Acre™ No.102 woodwork.⁣

Everything is pale and calming in this scheme, promoting natural light to make the room feel really bright and airy. This powder blue and white colour combination can help small spaces to feel more open and pairs beautifully with natural textures and classic pieces.

Mylands Walpole and Long Acre Paints
Mylands Walpole and Long Acre Paints

Paint Colors

Mylands Walpole:

A delightful off-white colour with soft blue-green tones, named after Horace Walpole, man of letters. White Primer and Undercoat.

Stunningly clear blue, with a fresh, snowy feel, Walpole™ No.42 is a cool off-white reminiscent of a clear sky. It works well as a modern shade for a minimal aesthetic, and has slight hints of grey.

Mylands wapole paint color swatch

Mylands Long Acre:

This shade is dedicated to one of the earliest recorded sales of blue paint to a Mrs. Adams of Long Acre in 1777. Light Grey Primer and Undercoat.

Slightly darkened with a hint of deep yellow added, this popular grey-blue paint is perfect for its welcoming, friendly tone. Modern and stylish, its depth will give a cosy but fresh feeling.

Mylands Long Acre

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