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Pink and Gray Color Palettes

Pink and Gray Color Palettes – Pink and gray creates a stunning combination of strength and softness, with the soft femininity of pink and the strong definition of gray. This delicate and stylish color duo would look great for the interiors of a boutique, cafe’s, hair salons and beauty salons!

This lovely vintage teacup in pink and gray demonstrates the lovely appeal of the pink and gray combination! Dusty pink in two shades with definition and contrast in a dark and a medium gray.

Pink and Gray Color Palettes

A rich gray paint color like Benjamin Moore Smoke Embers AC-28 seen below combines well with brown, creams and dusty pink. The creamy and brown hues bring the pink and gray color scheme down to Earth.

Easrth neutrals with pink

Nature inspired pink and gray color palettes are the sweetest! The color combination of pinks and maroons with cool grays to white and contrast in browns!

pink gray seashell color palette

A shabby chic color palette of grays, pink and a hint of green!

Pink and Gray Color Palettes

The pink and gray color palette as it plays out in real life as seen in this hair salon designed by JWA Design:

“Zu Hair Salon; Waterfront Building, Calgary 2014 Taking cues from Scandinavian design trends, this boutique hair salon highlights the base building architecture of the space with its minimalist design, simple fixtures and muted color palette.”

hair salon interior in pink and gray

A beauty salon interior using pastel pinks with neutrals in browns and grays and accents in gold.

Pink and Gray Color Palettes

A modern cafe in pastel pink and creamy/gray neutrals with a touch of minty green.

cafe in pink and neutrals
Modern kitchen with clean lines in shades of gray with pastel pink.

The beauty of combining a pastel pink and a light gray on the walls.

Shades of gray with a dash of pink works wonders in the bedroom.


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  1. I have an Amherst Gray house and I need a pink door that will look good. Any suggestions what pink would work? My house is cottage, 1908 clapboard. Thanks.

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