Sanderson Most Loved Paint Colours

Sanderson Most Loved Paint Colours. Bristish paint colours made in the UK.

Sanderson Most Loved Paint Colours swatches 2021

Sanderson Eucalyptus: A Spirited green that is friendly, uplifting and contemporary.

Sanderson Eucalyptus green paint color

Sanderson Newby Green: A masculine teal that can be tailored to suit any style.

Sanderson Newby Green

Sanderson Devon: Inspired by the rolling Dartmoor hills, Devon Green is reminiscent of a summers stroll.

Sanderson Devon

Zoffany Vermeer Yellow: Named after the Dutch genre painter resurrected from oblivion by the French avant-garde in the 19th century this exuberant yellow enlivens the interior.

Zoffany Vermeer Yellow

Sanderson Scotch Grey: Gentle grey with a subtle hint of blue. Delicately fresh and calm for any interior room.

Sanderson Scotch Grey

Zoffany Olivine: Conceived during the natural dyeing work in the Zoffany colour kitchen Olivine is akin to nature. An unchallenging shade that will give a subtle lift to kitchens and pantries.

Zoffany Olivine

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