12 interior decorating ideas tagged green bedrooms

Benjamin Moore Cushing Green Paint Color Schemes

Benjamin Moore Cushing Green Paint Color Schemes. This old world charm bedroom in Birmingham House by architect James F. Carter has walls painted in Benjamin Moore Cushing Green. White and green kitchen with walls painted in Benjamin Moore Simply White with kitchen bar painted

Top 5 Green Bedspreads You’ll Love

Green Bedspreads provide a great focal point for your bedroom. The color green has many meanings relating to renewal, fertility, growth, safety and freshness; hence it's no wonder that it is such a great color choice for your bedspread. Below we choose our top

Ralph Lauren Volute Green Bedroom

An elegant, Traditional color combination featuring paints from Ralph Lauren's Greenwich Village Collection. The walls are painted in Ralph Lauren Volute Green contrasted nicely with trim painted in crisp white.

Master Bedroom Addition in Green

This second story master suite addition, complete with private balcony, is a restful retreat. The clean lined leather bed with silk linens is a comfortable contrast to the antique crystal chandelier, and antique bed side table. Walls and ceiling painted in SW 6415 Hearts